February mid-side

The first few weeks of February and we’ve been away on Holidays – visiting the Victorian North Coast, known the the rest of Australia as the New South Wales, South Coast.  The Sapphire Coast is truly underrated.

On my return some questions in the e-mail.

Do you know anything about the rates for Mastering? Do you think $120 per track is reasonable?

Yep, sure – pretty standard.  As I pointed out to my pal, make sure you’re able to attend the session and if they want to charge you more to attend the session, then they’re not people I would take my business to.

Can I record an album with you?

Yep sure but let’s be clear, recording an album is a huge undertaking.  Are the songs written?

So for you readers, here is the list of other questions I suggest you know the answers to prior to embarking on spending money and time on recording an album, or an EP for that matter:

  1. Who will be involved?
  2. Does everyone know what role they are playing in the venture?
  3. Who will Engineer?
  4. Who will Produce?
  5. Where will we record?
  6. Who is composing the songs?
  7. How much time can each person commit to recording the album?
  8. Why are we recording this album?
  9. What are the goals?
  10. Do you have an idea of what you want it to sound like?

My suggestion is the more you have your act together prior to going into the studio, the better chance you have of getting a satisfactory outcome.  For a very humorous look at how to get prepared for the studio… check this video and the follow up-here.

If you are lucky enough to have access to some basic tools, such as Apple’s Logic, or Steinberg’s Cubase, then you may feel like you’re half way there.  Don’t kid yourself!  The recording of an album is hundred’s of hours work.  Ideally, it’s not something you’d do part-time. However if you are doing a day-job, it will take longer and preparation is all the more important.  The deceptive nature of having the easy access to recording equipment, does not mean it’s easier, or necessarily going to be cheaper.  The discipline of knowing how to play your songs end-to-end prior to entering a recording situation, having charts written out, all lyrics settled – that’s the way it should be done, if you want it to be an efficient, enjoyable and speedy process.