The Hypothetical Particles

The Hypothetical Particles are Chris Daniels on drums and Nige Cadzow on bass.  They’ve been good enough to get very familiar with the broad range of music Julian writes, from Rock Ballads, to Death-Jazz odysseys, to Punk Pop and the Avant-Garde. They’re very talented.

To cater for Jules’ meandering musical ways, they play under the alternate names, ‘Collidium‘ & ‘Whir‘ … and when no one genre applies – it’s “The Hypothetical Particles”, of course!

Nug and Chris

Nug and Chris


Chris Daniels, a USA ex-pat now relocated to Melbourne, started his drum life in a drum and bugle corps.  Skills developed amongst the highly competitive drum-line environment were put to good use as he toured with his first band ‘Jack Swift’ across his native Pennsylvania.

The following years saw Chris working mostly on the instructional side- passing on his drum-line skills to various School and University ensembles.

Jules says: “Chris is the quiet smart guy in the group. He’s got mad tech skills and mean chops to match.  Despite hearing the music we’re going to play, he’s stuck with me all the same.


Nigel (Nug) Cadzow, plays guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.  In the Hypothetical Particles, he is playing bass. Nige initially learned piano from nuns in a convent, but rebelled against it, due to the stodgey old songs in the curriculum. After moving to Melbourne to study at RMIT, he started learning guitar from a house mate, and pursuing a career in rock music. For the last 30 years he has played in a number of local bands and still remains largely unknown.

Jules says, “You can’t keep a good man down!  Nige, is a beating punk-heart with some deep swing.  Which means his swagger is almost as sharp as his bite.  He has a talent for words coming out swiftly and loves to play fast – which means he starts off not liking many of the songs I bring in, then he grows to love them.


To see when “Jules Fox and the Hypothetical Particles”, or “Collidium”, or “Whir” are playing next ..  see the tours / gigs page.