Welcome to “The Society Pages” !

Here you will find posts about current events and the shaping of human development.  You could consider these pages to be about, Futurism, Nowism Then’ism – but I’ll spare you the isms!  Our society is changing rapidly and is under a huge range of social, political, religious and structural stresses.  Here’s a spot where I discuss these…

The Fountain of Youth – want to live longer?  Do more new…   This concept I had been musing on for a few years, so I thought it was time to put it out there to the wider world…

Game changing Great Inventions: Great inventions, past and future – some thoughts on what the next sixty years holds, which will affect life as we know it.

The Mental Health of the Internet: The current state of our early days of the synthetic hive-mind.

Sumerian Mathematics reveals more . . .  We keep on discovering more about our past and ancient knowledge

more content coming soon!