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June 03, 2012


Jen Collins: sinthesizers; programming, lyrics, piano
Julian Langan-Fox: guitar; sinthesizers, programming, lyrics, vocals and percussion Daniel Briggs: guest "mellotron" flute on 'Fragmentes'

All tracks written by Julian Langan-Fox and Jennifer Collins except 'Jamming With Myself' by Jennifer Collins and 'Ambience' by Julian Langan-Fox

Produced By Julian Langan-Fox at Lotion Music Studio
Recorded at: Fairfield, Croydon, Frankston and Earlwood
Mixed by Julian at Lotion Studio 5
Mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering


  • Unfolding
  • Ether
  • Triangular Groove
  • Jamming with Myself
  • Siren Waves
  • Fragmentes Fortunates
  • Ambience
  • 7pm
  • Bees Jam

A great mixture of electronic beats, improvised jams, jazz influenced solos and avant-garde composition. Originally available on band-camp - this album is now available on iTunes.

D.D.M. started with two musicians who took some time out from more energetic musical styles - metal and rock - to create some electronic music. We wanted to be able to take this out and perform it with just two people. To make it a quick project to put together that eventually took 2 years to 'almost' complete. This album, "Preliminary" is the early outputs from our labours. The music style was to draw from ambient-styled artists such as Massive Attack, David Sylvian . . .

The group concept also referenced Bill Rieflin's "Slow Music" group - which while we're only two .. and part of Bill's concept was a larger group of musicians - we draw from the music being based in performance and brings intensity as well as mood and inspires listening that envokes a feeling of both space and sound, being experimental and involving risk!
In the spirit of writing experimental music based in performance, many of the tracks are improvised jams. Some of our best work is here. Mistakes are included.

A number of more 'composed' pieces have some funky and jazzy influences. And there are some more complex and even pop pieces that are yet to be completed and presented. For you, the lucky download purchaser of this music, we will make available the complete works of D.D.M. mark 1 and more 'increadable bonuses' if we ever get our arses into gear. Which I doubt .. but hey.. you never know your luck in the big city.

This is not a completed project but as I said to Jo Carra, who Mastered the works presented herein, this is a classic case of art abandoned, not finished. As it is, we may feel the spirit to re-engage with D.D.M. at some stage in the future.

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