Variety in song writing and diversity in style

To be true to oneself as an artist, one needs to show different sides to oneself; We’re not one-dimensional beings.

Consequently changing one’s art and covering a diverse range of styles is, in my view, a sign of maturity and evolution.  This is a theme I will be visiting frequently in the members section of this site.

Linkin Park are a great rock band who use modern technology to create new sounds.  Their album, ‘The Hunting Party‘ was rock, with some added elements such as rap.  It was essentially rock.  This time ’round, they’re playing the pop card.  This is clear from their single ‘Heavy’ which was previewed recently.

Reassuringly this is not an outlier, as Mike Shinoda mentions in the interview below.  The pop sensibility is a significant part of the album’s core.


So there’s articles online which smack of cynicism, figuring that Linkin Park need a place in the charts.  Poor journalists don’t understand that artists like Linkin Park are just that, ARTISTS!  Artists deserve the opportunity to grow and try new things – true fans of Linkin Park will no-doubt know this.


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