TV cabinets – good for new tubes!

The studio upgrade is nearing completion and I’ve started moving some items inside.  As part of the live-room fit-out I found some great buys on eBay to house equipment in a unique way; by using furniture in a way that the original maker did not have in mind.

Below is one such example, I’ve fitted some of my valve heads in an old cathode ray tube TV cabinet – kind of fitting actually!  They both have vacuum-tubes and both have some weight to them…

You can turn those unwanted TV cabinets into amplifier-housing gold

This unit is actually not that old but was custom made sometime between the 90’s and 2010’s, in oak with a lovely pie-crust finish.  Classy!  The best bit how well these old TV cabinets work for holding valve heads!  A well made CRT TV cabinet is built to support a lot of weight and also let heat get out of the cabinet – in this case via a mesh/open back.

I struck gold with this particular unit as it also has: recessed doors, a pull out platform with a pivoting system so I can bring the amps forward into the room for better visibility and there are drawers underneath.  Plus, this unit is strong, so can hold the two heads, which weigh quite a lot, with ease.

This sort of re-cycling is a boon to the musician who wants to set up a studio space.  As hilariously described by Richard Glover in this Sydney Morning Herald article brown furniture goes for cheap these days.

I have a friend who, due to the death of a relative, has been landed with a large amount of what the trade calls “brown furniture”. There are mahogany wardrobes and walnut tables and a cedar chest of drawers – items which, 10 years ago, could have been sold at considerable profit.

Now, no one wants this stuff. … These items are no longer regarded as antiques to be treasured; they’re just the scuffed remnants of the past. Everyone wants something shiny and new from IKEA.

But we all know that musicians a) have no money and b) need to be better organised. And if you can take care of both whilst looking classy then I say, “go with it”.  Brown furniture is your friend.  I picked the cabinet above for under $200 on eBay.  However, be warned these things are heavy!!!  You’ll need a friend with a trailer to move them.

What suited old discarded (cathode ray) tubes, may be just right for your amps with new tubes.

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