2016 so far . . .

Hello all,

To those new to JLF universe, there’s been a lot going on over the last 4 or so months.  So here’s a summary:

My dear friend and musical collaborator Jen Alyce has had a baby, so that’s awesome news – Well done Jen and Michael 🙂


Collidium News

Collidium is a progressive rock project that has been humming along in the background (and sometimes foreground) for well going on a decade.  It’s frankly about time there was some news to tell!

The Collidium website has been launched

The Cold Monster, by Collidium had a soft-release on iTunes and will be distributed to radio in November and you can now hear it on Collidium’s bandcamp page also!

The single, The Cold Monster features amazing artwork from Susannah Collins as well.. which was an absolute blessing.

Our hunt for a keyboard player has found little joy, so we are preparing to perform as a three piece – so it will be the Hypothetical Particles presents ‘Collidium’!


Whir News

Whir is the Zappa inspired, funky-punk-rock band that doesn’t mind some political poking!

The first (demo) single The State We’re In by Whir was released with a lyric video, just in time for the 2016 Federal Election.



As you can see from the header image, the live room build is progressing.  Some details including a time-lapse slide-show can be seen on the studio 5 page!


Here’s to a great remainder of 2016!

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