An example of mis-appropriation of art

Mr James Swan was pretty pissed at a political activist group for using his music.  Otherwise known as Jimmy Barnes, his tunes are extremely well known and the group Reclaim Australia decided tunes like, “Working Class Man” were just the ticket for their protest movement.

Jimmy Barnes decided that he really didn’t like his music being associated with such obvious miserable bastards.  So he made rather plain and pleasant request that they desist from using his music.  It came out recently that the response to this was threats against his family.  That’s pretty shit isn’t it.

The Scottish-born Australian rock singer-songwriter, Jimmy Barnes

The Scottish-born Australian rock singer-songwriter, Jimmy Barnes

Of course this is a theme, people thinking they can appropriate the works of others for their own gain.  If they had used a well known piece of pictorial art-work by a living artist, they would have been sued.  Taken to the cleaners, or made to issue a public apology and some sort of out of court settlement.

Fuck those who steal music and think they can use it for their own purposes.  They can ask and they can pay!



This reminds me of the well known speech by Harlan Ellison



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