August 2016 Update

It has been a huge month, which may be why I’ve been quiet on the site.I have a new job, which has been a blessing.  Great new work-mates and a very positive culture.

I have been working hard and paying substantial sums for a new studio build, which will hopefully revolutionise the recording of bands and musical projects I am involved in.  A picture is attached below…

New live room, a work in progress

New live room, a work in progress

Lydia and I visited the Barossa which was an amazing trip where we sampled great, great wines and were suitably amazed by the rich history and passion to be found there.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting involved in Australian Musicians Radio‘s TKOS – That Kind of Show.  Australian Musician’s Radio is manned by a small group of committed and dedicated music fans (Gareth and Smooth Tony in particular) who are committed to spreading the word about independent Australian music.  The community atmosphere and welcoming, relaxed vibes that Gareth and Tony have created are wonderful.

All this activity has kept me from booking gigs and securing a new keyboard player, so Collidium’s single launch of The Cold Monster will be delayed until later in the year.

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