I recently invested in the somewhat legendary album by T-Ride, recorded between 1988 – 1991.  There is a lot of praise for this album on the web and a lot of hype as well.  I purchased the CD from eBay and it’s been on ration in the car and in my headphones since both, giving me ample opportunity to digest and get familiar.  This is 80’s hair-metal/rock which crept into the 90’s … only to go completely unrecognised by the general public.  It is however well worth a good few listens…

The songs feature thick background vocals, blazing guitar work and sounds very reminiscent of the era – richly processed and using all the technology available at the time, including sampled drums.  On listening to the album a few times, I thought there were two leads vocalists in the band.  The vocals use a lot of gliding to and from notes which at first is quite off-putting.  After a few listens grows on you and is quite a nice contrast to the polished and well tuned harmony vocals.

The songs are frantic, funny and catchy, however use chords that are not common in popular song-writing today.  The use of diminished, augmented, and dominant & minor 7th chords, which are common in film scores and are therefore familiar but not as much in the rock context.  This results in an album with a very long shelf life which easily withstands repeated listens.

The All Music information lists recording as happening between June and October, 1991.  But withT-Ride all is not what it seemed.  That goes for the recording duration and people involved.

At the time of release there was a drive from composer/singer/bass player Dan Arlie to market the band as three just guys rocking out…

“Dan decided that we would image the band like a traditional rock band: Geoff was the guitar player and he played the guitar on the record, Dan was the bass player/lead singer and he played and sang on the record, I was the drummer and I played drums on the record and we all sang harmony vocals. This was in some ways very much not the case.”

             Eric Valentine – 2011

According to this excellent expose on the album by Producer/Composer and Drummer on the album Eric Valentine, the line up for recording was as follows:

  • Dan Arie – keyboards, bass, lead and harmony vocals
  • Eric Valentine – drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, production, engineering
  • Geoff Tyson – guitar
  • Dave Candellaria – harmony vocals (not credited)
  • Steve Ouimette – guitar (not credited)

Here’s the first track on the album.




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