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December music : album ‘In a Day’s Dream’, on CD

There is lots happening this month, particularly in the art department….

Jen Alyce who worked with my photos to come up with the front cover art for my album, ‘In A Day’s Dream‘, has worked hard to produce the finished-art layout for a booklet, featuring all five images; one to go with each movement of the album.  ‘In A Day’s Dream’ was my first album, recorded in 1996 in Lotion Studio 1.  You can read some extra information about the album here.

A local printer is printing the booklet this coming week and in the new year the album will be available on CD for the first time.

In February we’ll release ‘The Cold Monster’ and the fabulously talented Susannah has done an amazing original art piece inspired by the song.  The Hypothetical Particles are on hiatus while Chris is visiting family back in Pennsylvania. So we will start gigs in February and release the song to an unsuspecting public.

A big thanks to Jen and Susannah for all the work they’ve done and their creative talents.  I have a lot to be grateful for…

Merry Christmas and here’s to a massive 2016!!!!