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Old Archives being uploaded to Soundcloud

Hello everyone,

I’ve started a regular posting of tracks from last century, onto my SoundCloud Page.

It was 1995 – 1997 and I was starting my exploration of how I could approach song writing.

Each week in November, I’ll put up a different track from the archives in this Soundcloud SetList.  So far I’ve put up “Thrash To Dance”, “Beauty Calls” and now “Tight Reprise”.

Regarding the latest track, “Tight Reprise”:

“I was deeply into funk at the time and this was my best stab at up-tempo funk instrumental.  It was sequenced using the internal sequencer in my Ensoniq SQ1+ keyboard.  Inspired by the tight segues that great funk acts like Earth Wind and Fire put together, this was an extended jam on that idea.

The track wasn’t meant to have a stalled right-channel however I’d accidentally recorded over the first second on the right channel.. the perils of recording to tape!  After the horn section intro, a rather shrill Jupiter 4 kicks in for a short blow/solo.  This is over a programmed drum part, synth bass and electric guitar, which plays throughout in the right hand channel. From 56 seconds in, the synth bass is replaced with a real bass, as I didn’t want to have to argue a case for whether it was playable from any prospective bass player.

The guitar solo was a nice phase from my favourite effects unit.  From 1m.57 there’s a sort of break-down, that I imagined would have double-kick in it, if it were to be played by a real drummer.. you might faintly be able to hear my keyboard-drum rendition of them.  All keyboards were from the SQ1+, which I recorded into the sequencer live, which saved me significantly on track count on my four-track.

All in all, I was very happy with the track for what I achieved at the time – particularly the rhythm guitar part. Despite the cheesy beginning and ending, it has some credibility, if for no other reason that I played all the parts (except the drums) live from beginning to end.

I hope you enjoy it.